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Terms of Reference- Website Review

TJNA seeks to mainstream tax justice in the economic policy and development discourse in Africa while providing a platform dedicated to enabling African researchers, campaigners and policy makers to cooperate in the struggle against illicit capital flight, tax evasion, tax competition and other harmful trends in tax policy and practice.

TJNA publishes a wide range of communication and promotional materials, on both online and offline platforms, (such as event coverage, press releases, speeches, annual reports, research papers, brochures and images), to facilitate its work, promote its activities and share information with the media, civil society, partners and the public. To stay relevant and to continue to attract visitors, TJNA would like to overhaul its websites, that is, and .

In the past, TJNA has experienced low visitors rate due to decreased web traffic. TJNA maintains a strong reputation and presence in the tax justice advocacy and research area and would like to grow its outreach/scope again. To accomplish this, TJNA needs a complete website redesign.


  • TJNA’s websites should be the first point of reference on tax justice matters in Africa. Therefore, Search Engine Optimisation is needed.
  • TJNA runs several events needing online registrations so registration platforms should be incorporated in both websites.
  • Both website should be responsive, fully developed and fully functioning corporate websites, running online very little downtime.
  • Both websites should be attractive and easy to navigate, comprehensive yet fast-loading.
  • Archiving should allow for storage of old information in an easily accessible manner.
  • Widgets and plugins- should allow for connectivity to other sites, e.g, social media platforms and media monitoring apps, data repositories, offsite photo galleries, registration platforms and surveys. All plugins installed should be fully-licenced.
  • Should work with current website hosts to ensure unlimited bandwidths, sufficient storage space and loading speeds.
  • The website should be designed and programmed in a way that enables the OCC team to manage its content with ease.
  • The website design is based on the TJNA corporate identity and guidelines as stated by the OCC.
  • Provide configuration documentation and guidelines which clearly state how to manage the website, environment and its configuration.
  • A website that is secure and not vulnerable to external and internal breaches.
  • A site that is responsive, that is, can be viewed across all platforms (screens).

 Scope of services required

  • Assess the current TJNA websites structure and contents for ease of accessibility, quality of content, user-friendliness, ease of maintenance/updates, navigation, among others.
  • Benchmark against peer organisations for an effective redesign of the website as well as standardisation in line with existing industry practices, for example (but not restricted to),, ,,
  • Make proposals for the design of the website based on an open-source platform (potential contractors must be able to provide technical guidance (with pros and cons) for the best CMS). However, all of this is based on TJNA’s guidelines.
  • Design the website structure, considering the requirements as below:
    • Aesthetics, layout, ease of use, updating and maintenance, flexibility
    • Data collection and analytics on website performance- navigation, search function, counting function for web pages visited, analytics, responsiveness etc.
  • Training of TJNA staff on website maintenance and content management system.
  • Trouble-shooting post-design to ensure full-functionality.


The entire duration of the exercise is expected to take 45 working days.

Qualifications/selecting criteria

  • The Company/Developer (hereafter referred to as Service Provider) must be a legal entity registered in Kenya.
  • The Service Provider must be a reputable company with a depth of experience in the field of website development and design.
  • Solid knowledge on website security and website hosting service.
  • The Service Provider should provide a proposal (with narrative and financial information) and include a brief implementation plan and three different layouts.
  • The Service Provider must provide email addresses and phone numbers of two accessible referees familiar with their work.

Provide an accurate and timely quote that will include 2-3 sample layouts, three references, financials and duration of work to by 16 July 2018.

Details on expected results available here.


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About TJNA

The Tax Justice Network-Africa (TJN-A) is a Pan-African initiative and a member of the Global Alliance for Tax Justice. Launched in January 2007 during the World Social Forum (WSF) held in Nairobi, TJN-A promotes socially- just, accountable and progressive taxation systems in Africa. It advocates for tax policies with pro-poor outcomes and tax systems that curb public resource leakages and enhance domestic resource mobilisation.

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